Nick. Nick. Boom.

Come to the official New York Television Festival screening of the King Temp pilot!

Screenings on Oct 24th & Oct 26th


Get tickets here:

Independent Pilot Competition

9 min | Pilot

Created by: Nick Turner and Jason Saenz

Cast & Credits

Executive Producer: Vincenzo Picciano 
Writers: Jason Saenz and Nick Turner 
Director: Justin Tyler 
Principal Cast: Nick - Nick Turner, Temp Recruiter – Jason, Diane - Brooke Van Poppellen, Mark - Nate Bargatze, Mary- Nikki Glaser, Boss- Joe DeRosa, New Temp - Henry Zebrowski 

Program Notes

 King Temp follows 30-something Nick, who’s never had a full-time job in his life. He does, however, know how to take advantage of the temporary employment lifestyle by taking naps anywhere he can, dating and dumping co-workers, going all day without lifting a finger, and snagging free lunch from the break room. Not bad for someone making less than $30K a year. He may be a temp, but at least he’s the King Temp. 

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