Nick. Nick. Boom.

First sketch from my new sketch group


The Jizz Sketch

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Me and MY BEST FRIENDS just doing best friend stuff.


The Most Important Questions Ever Asked About Superman

Comedian, Nick Turner, asks some of the most important questions about Superman ever asked, he follows that with some equally important points about birds. 

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Hola babies! This (last) week’s episode features Best Week Ever’s own NICK TURNER! We talk to him about forensics, shoplifting, and other incriminating stuff!

Then: extreme eating expert Nick Maritato Paul Poundstone tells us about what’s coming up on the next season of his Travel Network show, and does some on-air eating for us. 

Plus! People who kill people who sing Frank Sinatra! Barffffff!!!! Memes! High school football! Extreme piercings!!!

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John Oliver’s NY Stand-Up Show returns July 26th and we’re giving you the chance to ask this season’s featured comedians anything you want before they go on stage. 

Submit your questions using either the “Ask” box on the right side of our Tumblr page or by tweeting to @CCStandUp using the hashtag #CCquestion — you might even hear your question read on the new Comedy Central Radio

If you’re asking them to marry you, please specify which comedian(s).

Check out the list of this season’s comedians below:


John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show

Hey dudes, my taping is on June 4th at 7:30 w/ Reggie Watts, Pete Holmes, Sara Schaefer, Thomas Lennon, Jessi Klein, Colin Jost, and Joe Zimmerman.
Click this link for free tix:

Just catching @rebelcave’s Off Broadway directorial debut. Congratulations, Rebecca!!

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