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Was bored w/ some friends so we made this video.

Check out the first episode of my no webseries!


I’m finally able to talk about what I haven’t been working on. For the next 8 Tuesdays, I’m going to be apologizing for not making a webseries! Once a week, I’ll be dropping another excuse for why I wasn’t able to shoot my webseries or write it. Starting TOMORROW! Tomorrow I apologize for getting a guy who said he had a nice camera to shoot it but it turned out the camera wasn’t as nice as he said it was. Look for it EVERY TUESDAY FOR THE NEXT 2 MONTHS.



Jay and Nick Turner are very angry at the fact that the Richmond Parkway was renamed the “Korean War Veterans Memorial Parkway”. In this song, they express their vehement disgust and frustration with the parkway renaming. I wonder if they cared when the East River Drive in Manhattan was renamed the FDR Drive. 

Join them as they sing their hearts out.  Sing along to the chorus, “This is NOT Korea!” as you watch the video. 

Have fun!

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I’m on The Comedy Network this Sunday at 9pm. It’s a lot of math humor. It’s what Canadians are into.

Nick Turner

I’m in Toledo this weekend, April 24-26. Toledo. Ohio. This weekend.


Nick, Nick, Sean, Chris, Johnny, and Kurt
Photographed for Loud Village Comedy Night
Best Fish Taco in Ensenada
Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA
January 21, 2014

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Bam pulls his dick out and clamps it in the teeth of the jumper cables even though we had a long conversation about how we were gonna blur his dick out so he definitely does NOT have to unzip his pants. He did it during all 7 takes. It seemed unnecessary but that is exactly what makes Bam Margera the voice of my generation.

That is Bam clamping jumper cables on his actual dick. Watch Best Week Ever and you get to see dicks.

That is Bam clamping jumper cables on his actual dick. Watch Best Week Ever and you get to see dicks.

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